API changelog

Effective changes


Added tm_leveragefield to language object in task related endpoints. Deprecated initial_tm_leveragefield.


Updated the description of quota usage fields, to better match the actual meaning of those fields


List all keys and List all translations endpoint now support cursor-based pagination, in addition to the default page based method. To use cursor based pagination, change the value of the pagination parameter to cursor. Then use the following parameter:

  • cursor (string) — default value is null. Specifies the cursor starting from which results will be returned.

Please note that the limit parameter is used in both paging methods, but the page parameter is only used with page-based pagination.

When using cursor-based pagination, each response contains the following headers:

  • X-Pagination-Limit — entries displayed per response. This value equals to the limit value GET param sent in the request.
  • X-Pagination-Next-Cursor — cursor of the next result. Use this value for the cursor parameter in your next request to receive the next batch of results.


Projects and Snapshots. We are sunsetting the upvoting feature and thus the upvoting attribute from the settings object has been removed from the response body of the following endpoints:

  • List all projects
  • Create a project
  • Retrieve a project
  • Update a project
  • Restore a snapshot


Keys: Reduced limit for fetching keys via the List all keys API endpoint to 500 (the current limit is 5000). We're making this change to improve the performance of our system. We recommend you update the limit parameter value (max 500) in your Lokalise list all /keys API request code as soon as possible. Requests over 500 items will get the 400 error in response.


Files: Added a new Delete a file endpoint


Orders: Added optional is_saved_to_translation_memory (string) parameter to Create Order endpoint.


Orders: Added optional branch (string) parameter to Create an order endpoint.


API2: Concurrent requests locking is removed. Rate limits remain intact.


Team user billing details: Added Team User Billing Details and endpoints.


Segments: Added Segments and endpoints.

The project object: Added segmentation (boolean) field to settings attributes list.

Projects: Added is_segmentation_enabled (boolean) parameter to Create a project endpoint.


Contributors: Added tasks (boolean) to the list of possible values for Contributors admin_rights attribute.

Team user groups: Added tasks (boolean) to the list of possible values for Team Groups admin_rights attribute.


Global: We are going to introduce rate limits for API endpoints on 14 September, 2021.