Python and frameworks

  • A beginner’s guide to Python i18n — in this tutorial you will discover how to perform string translations in pure Python apps. You will see Gettext in action, learn about PO files, work with pluralization, and more.
  • Django i18n: A beginner’s guide — this post is aimed at beginner-level developers who would like to become familiar with Django internationalization processes. You will find out how to prepare your application, create translation files, and start using Gettext.
  • Advanced Django internationalization — in this article you will learn the more advanced concepts of Django i18n. Specifically, you will learn how to use LocaleMiddleware, add language fallbacks, perform pluralization, localize date and time, support right-to-left languages, and work with time zones.
  • How to translate languages in Python with Google Translate and DeepL — you will learn how to perform Python translation of nearly any type of text.