Flutter SDK: Limitations and workarounds


If you need to override a dependency of the Flutter SDK with some old library that hasn't been upgraded yet, you can include the dependency_overrides property on your pubspec.yaml file. For example:

  intl: ^0.17.0 


The Flutter SDK supports plural translations that contain plurals only, and not any extra text.

  • {count, plural, =0{no apples} =1{one apple} other{{count} apples}} is supported.
  • I got {count, plural, =0{no apples} =1{one apple} other{{count} apples}} is not supported.

Double-check the generated .dart files before committing to using a plural key.

Overriding the locale

The Localizations.override widget is not supported. Your app shouldn't crash, but we can't guarantee the result.

ICU Limitations

The Flutter SDK currently only supports plurals, and does not support Select and Gender statements.