Ruby and frameworks

  • I18n gems: Translate your Ruby apps — this article covers multiple Ruby gems that can be used for internationalization purposes, including I18n, R18n, and FastGettext.
  • Rails internationalization (I18n): Step-by-step — this is a complete guide dealing with Ruby on Rails internationalization. It will help you start translating your Rails application. This post explains how to setup the Rails app, create translation files, switch locales, and perform localization.
  • Storing translations inside a database with Globalize — sometimes, you may need to place translations for your Rails app in the database, not in YAML files. This tutorial demonstrates how to achieve this by using the Globalize gem.
  • Storing Rails translations inside the database with Mobility — while Globalize is still a solid option, it is not actively maintained anymore. Therefore, a new solution called Mobility has emerged that provides even more cool features while sharing many similar concepts with Globalize. In this tutorial you will learn how to get started with Mobility, set it up and use with Rails.