Review and publish your app

After you’ve built and tested your app and would like to publish it on Lokalise Apps marketplace, so any Lokalise customer can also install and use them, you will need to follow some additional steps. To uphold standards of quality and reliability that our customers expect, all publicly listed apps are subject to an approval process.

Before submitting for review


App review checklist

Please make sure all rules are followed and completed before submitting an app for review. However, it's not uncommon for app developers to experience a few rounds of back-and-forth in the approval process. To avoid unnecessary updates and resubmissions, make sure your app adheres to the following app review checklist.

Approval process


Approval times vary depending on the volume of apps submitted and the Lokalise apps team’s availability. Submissions fall into an internal queue which the Lokalise Apps team works through chronologically as they come in.

Once you've finished developing your app and all rules from the app checklist are completed, you can submit your app for review.

  1. Fill in all details of your app in the Lokalise app review form and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form.
  2. At the same time, while you wait for the review to be completed, you can submit the details that will be published in your app listing details through the Lokalise app publish form.
  3. Once our team completes the app review, and all the app listing details are approved, the process is finished. Congratulations, your app is now listed in Lokalise's marketplace 🎉