Lokalise REST API - Localization & translation management API

Welcome to the Lokalise REST API for localization & translation management

If you want to research Lokalise REST API capabilities you don't need to write any code. Just get the API token and test the API right on this page using the Try It! button on the right side panel.

How do I test the Lokalise API on this page?

Our APIs

Here you'll find docs and playgrounds for the following endpoints:

  • Default projects — these endpoints enable you to manage data in your Lokalise projects and teams: translations, keys, contributors, payment cards, screenshots, and many others.
  • Projects with branches — these endpoints are very similar to the "default projects" but with one difference: they support branching. In other words, you can a project branch to the request and manage data under that branch.
  • OTA — these endpoints are used to implement over-the-air localization workflow in your apps. The Lokalise OTA service enables your users to get the latest translations on their mobile applications without you needing to submit a new version to be approved by either the Apple or Google app stores. If you are not familiar with this concepts, you can check our OTA SDK article to learn more.

Please note that our APIs use UTC+0 time zone and UNIX timestamps.

Open API spec files

Please find the OAS files for our APIs below: