TranslationProviders object

provider_idnumberA unique identifier of the provider.
namenumberName of the provider.
slugstringSlug of the provider.
price_pair_minnumberMinimum total price per language pair. It's "0.00" if there is no minimum requirement.
website_urlstringProvider website.
descriptionstringProvider description.
tiersarray of objectsAvailable translation tiers. Every tier contains the following attributes:
tier_id (number) — An identifier of the tier.
name (string) — Name of the tier.
pairsarray of objectsList of language pairs and prices. Every pair contains the following attributes:
tier_id (number) — Translation tier.
from_lang_iso (string) — Source language identifier.
from_lang_name (string) — Source language name.
to_lang_iso (string) — Target language identifier.
to_lang_name (string) — Target language name.
price_per_word (number) — Price per word in USD.