Tasks object

task_idnumberA unique task identifier.
titlestringTask title.
descriptionstringShort description of the task.
statusstringStatus of the task. Allowed values are completed, in_progress, created, queued.
progressnumberTask progress in percents (0% - 100%).
due_datestringDue date.
due_date_timestampnumberUnix timestamp of the Due date.
keys_countnumberTotal number of keys in the task.
words_countnumberTotal number of source words in the task.
created_atstringDate and time of the task creation.
created_at_timestampnumberUnix timestamp when the task was created.
created_bynumberIdentifier of a user, who has created the task.
created_by_emailstringE-mail of a user, who has created the task.
can_be_parentbooleanCan task be assigned as a parent task.
task_typestringtranslation or review.
parent_task_idnumberID of the parent task.
closing_tagsarrayTags that will be added to affected keys when task is closed.
do_lock_translationsbooleanIf set to true, will lock translations for non-assigned project members.
languagesarray of objectsList of languages in the task containing language ISO codes as well as included key IDs, assigned users and groups, and progress information.
source_language_isostringSource language code of the task.
auto_close_languagesbooleanWhether languages should be closed automatically upon completion of the last item.
auto_close_taskbooleanWhether the task should be automatically closed upon all language completion.
auto_close_itemsbooleanWhether the translation task items should be automatically marked as completed on edit.
completed_atstringDate and time of the task completion.
completed_at_timestampnumberUnix timestamp when the task was completed.
completed_bynumberIdentifier of a user, who has completed the task.
completed_by_emailstringE-mail of a user, who has completed the task.
custom_translation_status_idsarrayIDs of custom translation statuses that will be applied to task items after item is completed.