Project object

project_idstringA unique project identifier.
project_typestringProject type descriptor. Allowed values are localization_files or paged_documents.
namestringProject name.
descriptionstringDescription of the project.
created_atstringDate of project creation.
created_at_timestampnumberUnix timestamp when project was created.
created_bynumberAn identifier of a user who has created the project.
created_by_emailstringAn e-mail of a user who has created the project.
team_idnumberA unique identifier of the team, the project belongs to.
base_language_idnumberA unique identifier of the project default language.
base_language_isostringA language/locale code of the project default language.
settingsobjectAn object containing project settings. Has the following attributes:
per_platform_key_names (boolean) — If enabled project has different key names for different platforms.
reviewing (boolean) — If enabled contributors has reviewer access for project.
auto_toggle_unverified (boolean) — If enabled Lokalise will automatically mark translations Unverified in case translation of base language was changed.
offline_translation (boolean) — If enabled translators are able to download and upload translations as XLIFF files from the Editor.
key_editing (boolean) — If enabled keys are allowed to be modified.
inline_machine_translations (boolean) — If enabled inline machine translations are enabled to all project users.
branching (boolean) — If enabled then branching will be available.
segmentation (boolean) — If enabled then segmentation will be available.
custom_translation_statuses (boolean) — If enabled then custom translation statuses will be available.
custom_translation_statuses_allow_multiple (boolean) — If enabled then multiple custom translation statuses will be allowed.
contributor_preview_download_enabled (boolean) — If enabled then translators will be allowed to preview content by downloading target files from the Editor.
statisticsobjectAn object containing project statistics, QA issues and project languages progress. Has the following attributes:
progress_total (number) — Overall percent of project progress.
keys_total (number) — Count of keys in the project.
team (number) — Team members count in the project.
base_words (number) — Count of words in a base language of the project.
qa_issues_total (number) — Overall count of QA issues in the project.
qa_issues (object) — An object containing count for each QA issue type. Please refer to the QA issues table to learn more about available attributes.
languagesarray of languagesAn array of project languages with progress percent. Every language has the following attributes:
language_id (number) — A unique language identifier in the system.
language_iso (string) — Language/locale code.
progress (number) — Translated keys percent.
words_to_do (number) — Count of words remaining to translate from projects base language.

QA issues

This table contains all attributes for the qa_issues object found under the statistics field.

not_reviewednumberCount of not reviewed translations.
unverifiednumberCount of unverified translations.
spelling_grammarnumberCount of translations with spelling and/or grammar errors.
inconsistent_placeholdersnumberCount of translations with inconsistent placeholders (source vs target).
inconsistent_htmlnumberCount of translations with inconsistent HTML tags (source vs target).
different_number_of_urlsnumberCount of translations with different number of URLs (source vs target).
different_urlsnumberCount of translations with different URLs (source vs target).
leading_whitespacenumberCount of translations with leading whitespace.
trailing_whitespacenumberCount of translations with trailing whitespace.
different_number_of_email_addressnumberCount of translations with different number of email address (source vs target).
different_email_addressnumberCount of translations with different email address (source vs target).
different_bracketsnumberCount of translations with different brackets (source vs target).
different_numbersnumberCount of translations with different numbers (source vs target).
double_spacenumberCount of translations with double spaces (target).
special_placeholdernumberCount of invalid use of [VOID], [TRUE], [FALSE] placeholders (target).
unbalanced_bracketsnumberCount of unbalanced brackets (target).