Screenshot object

screenshot_idnumberA unique identifier of the screenshot.
key_idsarrayList of key identifiers, the screenshot is attached to.
keysarray of objectsList of key keys with coordinates. Every key has the following attributes:
key_id (number) — A unique identifier of the key.
coordinates (object) — Key coordinates of the key area. This object has the following properties with the number type: left (x position of the left-top corner), top (y position of the left-top corner), width (width of the area in pixels), height (heightof the area in pixels)
urlstringLink to the screenshot.
titlestringScreenshot title.
descriptionstringDescription of the screenshot.
screenshot_tagsarrayList of screenshot tags.
widthnumberWidth of the screenshot, in pixels.
heightnumberHeight of the screenshot, in pixels.
created_atstringCreation date of the screenshot.
created_at_timestampnumberUnix timestamp when the screenshot was created.