Teams object

team_idnumberA unique team identifier.
namestringTeam name.
created_atstringDate and time when team was created.
created_at_timestampnumberUnix timestamp when the team was created.
planstringCurrent subscription plan of the team.
quota_usageobjectCurrent quota usage.
users (number) — Number of users in the team.
keys (number) — Number of keys used across all team projects.
projects (number) — Number of projects in the team.
mau (number) — Number of monthly active users (for Lokalise SDK).
ai_words (number) — Number of Lokalise AI words consumed by the team in the subscription period.
quota_allowedobjectQuotas allocated to the team.
users (number) — Total number of users allocated to the team.
keys (number) — Total number of keys allocated across all team projects.
projects (number) — Total number of projects allocated to the team.
mau (number) — Total number of monthly active users allocated to the team (for Lokalise SDK).
ai_words (number) — Total number of Lokalise AI words allocated to the team in the subscription period.