Segments object

segment_numbernumberSegment number.
language_isostringLanguage code.
modified_atstringDate and time of last translation modification.
modified_at_timestampnumberUnix timestamp of last translation modification.
modified_bynumberIdentifier of the user, who made last modification.
modified_by_emailstringE-mail of the user, who made last modification.
valuestringThe actual segment content. Pass as an object, in case it includes plural forms and is_plural is true.
is_fuzzybooleanWhether the Fuzzy flag is enabled. (Note: Fuzzy is called Unverified in the editor now).
is_reviewedbooleanWhether the Reviewed flag is enabled.
reviewed_bynumberIdentifier of the user, who has reviewed the translation (if reviewed).
wordsnumberNumber of words in the translation.
custom_translation_statusesarrayArray consisting of Custom Translation Statusobjects.