Order object

order_idstringA unique order identifier.
project_idstringProject identifier.
branchstringBranch name.
payment_methodstringPayment method. Possible values are credit_card, team_credit, none. null will be returned for orders made before the attribute was introduced.
card_idnumberIdentifier of the card used for payment.
statusstringStatus of the order. Possible values are in progress, completed. processing, draft in case if dry_run equals to true.
created_atstringDate and time of the order creation.
created_at_timestampnumberUnix timestamp when the order was created.
created_bynumberIdentifier of a user, who has created the order.
created_by_emailstringE-mail of a user, who has created the order.
source_language_isostringSource language code of the order.
target_language_isosarrayList of target languages.
keysarrayList of keys identifiers, included in the order.
source_wordsobjectObject, where object key is target language iso code and value is the translatable word count.
{key} (string) — Language iso code.
{value} (number) — Translatable word count.
provider_slugstringTranslation provider slug.
translation_stylestringStyle of the translation, applies to gengo provider only.
translation_tiernumberTier of the translation. Tiers depend on provider.
translation_tier_namestringTier name.
briefingstringOrder briefing.
is_saved_to_translation_memorybooleanDefault true, can be set only with google and deepl providers.
totalnumberTotal cost of the order in major currency units (USD)